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We are a PADI Certified Dive Center in Agios Kirykos, Ikaria. Conveniently located across the street from the main port. We offer a variety of training to get you excited about splashing in and safely exploring the fascinating underwater paradise that this world has to offer.

Born in Ikaria, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Yioryos Raptis has over 30 years of diving experience  that expands from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Aegean to the Red Sea. He has taken his love and respect for the Oceans  that he found himself in every week and brought it back home to Ikaria to share his excitement with others.

With safety being our primary objective we are  here waiting to introduce or guide you under Ikaria’s majestic coast line. Come dive with us and explore an island that is full of excitement and mystery.

With a PADI Open Water Certification the possibilities are endless. Vacations become exciting and adventurous! You will be able to explore areas of the world where only a very small percent of the population will ever go.

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